Additional Devotional DR. SUHENTO LIAUW, DRE., TH.D.:

1. Spurgeon was absolutely right, Baptists existed BEFORE Luther and Calvin were born, and Baptists were never in Catholic. Many people ask, why is there so little record of Baptist? Spurgeon gives a very precise illustration, the flow of a river, sometimes on the surface of the ground, but sometimes in certain parts it is under the ground, but still flows, then appears again to the surface. It would be ridiculous for anyone to think that the Baptist denomination descended from HIS NAME. Not! The Baptist denomination is derived from its principles. One of its PRINCIPLES is to baptize only those who had repented and believed, it was passed down from John the Baptist to Suhento Liauw and so on.

2. Many Christians NEVER REALIZE THAT DEVILS USE VIOLENCE AND WORLDLY GOVERNMENTS. I said that I never realized it because in modern times there are still Christians who try to use violence and the government powers to suppress GBIA. The demon inside forgot, his action was to remove his mask. You are useless screaming Jesus, Jesus, and Hallelujah Amen. If you use worldly power, government power, suppress people in matters of faith, it proves that you are being used by the devil.

3. As Spurgeon said, Baptists never used violence, and government power, did not even accept government funding assistance. Why? Because Baptists are biblical Christians. If we want our faith to remain pure then don’t mix it with worldly powers. If you don’t want government power mixed up in your church then don’t ever want the money either. Don’t act hypocritically, that is, you don’t want the government to interfere, but you like her money.

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